Hi, I’m R Scott Jones.

Welcome to my (experimental) shared links microblog, where I share links to things I’ve found interesting.

EDIT: I’m considering consolidating my fedi posts here, so you’ll see more than just links, at least while I test things out.

Before the unfortunate rise of corporate behemoth social media platforms whose algorithms decide what you see and don’t see based on what makes them the most money, we used to share interesting links on our own personal blogs, often in the “asides” format. This is my attempt to recreate that practice.

You can follow along using rss, which is what I recommend. You can also find all my rss links and email list at rscottjones.com/follow

You can also find out more about me on my main website, rscottjones.com, or my public notes website at rscottjon.es. Feel free to email me, tooβ€”I love hearing from others.